Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Master photographer Georg Oddner at Tomarp, Sweden

The Swedish master photographer Georg Oddner is showing a retrospective exhibition at the Tomarps royal farm in the south of Sweden. Some of the pictures are exhibited in the garden as giant prints, spectacular posted with the farmland in the background.

Oddner was at young age jazz musician, but went in the 50-ies to New York as assistent to Richard Avedon.

After the time in NY Oddner started off as a photographer in the south of Sweden and became a very prominent photographer in advertising. He also travelled all over the world and many of his grand pictures comes from all over the globe.

Oddner is one of the most famous photographers in Sweden and this exhibition is showing that.

It is well worth to visit the beautiful place of Tomarp, not only for the photographs, but also for the possibility to see the stork family on the roof top of the little castle.