Friday, December 19, 2008

Tio fotografer (Ten photographers) at Lund museum of art

Fifty years ago ten Swedish photographers nailed a photo exhibition in Lund. At that time photography was not considered art and the exhibition suggested that. The ten photographers worked in several areas and covered fashion to documentary. One could say that all belonged to the best of photo at that time in Sweden. All became leading in their field of photography and several went into cinema production later on, beside work with still photography. The most recognised internationally became Lennart Olsson with very graphic images of bridges and he is represented with several images at Museum of modern art in New York.

Hans Hammarsköld seen here talks to friends about one of his most well known images.

In December 2008 an exhibition is put together with the most important images and books and movies made of the members of the group. It is a fantastic exhibition, showing the summery of Swedish top photography of the second part of the 19-hundred. Today only two of the members in the group are alive, Olsson and Hans Hammarsköld . The later gave a wonderful presentation of the group in an evening lecture at the museum.

The members of the group travelled all over world and came home with documentaries for news papers and books. One of the real globetrotters was Rune Hassner, later the most well known photo historians of in Sweden, and many of his photographs from Africa were highly thought of in Sweden. One of my all time favourite photographs is shown at the exhibition. The photograph, seen below, is showing a little boy with his wheel toy standing in the front of a Chevrolet car. It can be seen, even today, as a symbol of life on earth with it global warming aspect.

Rune Hassner photographed this strongly symbolic situation in Monrovia, Liberia in the 60-ies